Nice Guy Machine/Scoopy Safety Whistle

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Image of Nice Guy Machine/Scoopy Safety Whistle

“The Safety Whistle” is the ultimate every day carry device. Crafted from commercially pure titanium, it sits somewhere between a oney and a session piece. The Safety Whistle is NOT a whistle. It is The Safety Whistle, which is a pipe.

This piece is intended for legal use only. Know your local laws.

This piece is a functional, minimalist art creation. Taking the form of the classic “Acme” whistle, the two piece design is secured by a 6al4v Titanium fastener. These screws were carefully chosen for their machining tolerances, strength, and extreme corrosion resistance.

Each half of The Safety Whistle is carefully machined to tight tolerances. A tight fit is chosen to allow wear for breaking in to last a lifetime. Purchasing a pair of "jump ring" or "snap ring" pliers for disassembly the first few dozen times The Safety Whistle is disassembled is recommended.

The ‘s curve’ internal stem slot is full depth throughout, allowing space for debris to collect and give you more time between cleaning. The elongated bowl utilizes two bores as the pathway to the stem. These two short bores, or ‘pinch points,’ keep the bowl’s contents where it belongs, while offering no place for debris to clog the air channel.


Image of Nice Guy Machine/Scoopy Safety Whistle Image of Nice Guy Machine/Scoopy Safety Whistle